A Day in the Life of an Urban Farmer

Shane goes on an adventure to Brazil with his pal Claudio Oliver who is part scientist, part theologian, and 100% nuts.  This is what it looks like to build an urban homestead, to create a farm in the middle of a city.

Breaking Down Military Spending…With Oreos

Shane’s friend Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream uses cookies to show how the numbers add up in our federal budget.  (This is the cartoon version… he does it live with real Oreos in Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream.)

The World’s Biggest Stockpile of Weapons

Our friend Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s uses BBs to demonstrate how many bombs we have in the US arsenal.  Whoa.

Beating Guns into Plows

Inspired by the prophetic image of “beating swords into plows” this is a video about our work with RAW Tools to turn weapons into garden tools.  We literally take donated guns and transform them, and in the process we pray for the world to move from death to life. (Also, here’s a 1-min time-lapse video of a rifle becoming a plow:  LINK.)

A Deadly Stunt

This one’s just for fun.  Shane teamed up with his friend Josh Horton, the world’s best juggler in the project “Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream.”  And here’s one of the classic stunts – Josh juggling an ax, hatchet, and bowling ball on top of Shane. 

Shane’s Best Sermon Ever

Sometimes folks ask for Shane’s best sermon…so this is it.  (Spoiler Alert: he stole it from Jesus…this is the event he read the Sermon on the Mount, word for word.)

Game Show Giveaway (clip from “Ordinary Radicals”)

What would you do if you won $50,000?  Our friend Mark Weaver did something pretty beautiful with the money he won on The Price Is Right.

A Visual Demonstration on Inequity

Shane and some of the kiddos break down the facts so you can see what it looks like for a most of the world to have so little while a few people have so much.

Growing Food in the Concrete Jungle

Go on a tour of our aquaponics system, where we’ve created an ecosystem to grow fish and plants together in the middle of the concrete world of urban life. This one’s all about the revolutionary work of growing your own food, especially in the food desert.

Refusing to Be Enemies in the Holy Land

This is what it looks like to be peacemakers in a troubled land.  Shane talks with a courageous Palestinian Christian family who puts a face on the conflict in Israel/Palestine.

The Wall Street Money Drop

We invited homeless folks to Wall Street, and gave away $10,000 in cash in front of the New York Stock Exchange… in the Spirit of the biblical Jubilee, God’s ancient vision for dismantling economic inequality.

Conversation on Faith and Politics with Shane, Greg Boyd, and Chuck Colson

Krista Tippett hosted this inter-generational conversation on politics.  It’s timely, and it’s really nice to see folks disagree and still enjoy each other.  This was one of the last conversations Shane had with Chuck Colson before he died in 2012.

Worms 101:  How to Create Your Own Worm Compost System

Shane introduces you to his favorite pets.  Thousands of worms.  One of the secrets to our award-winning urban gardens is the fertilizer created naturally by worms.  (Make sure you watch this to the end, because Katie Jo attempts to do the worm dance.)

Circus Theology

Shane loves the circus.  In this short film he’ll tell you why.  You may have never thought of the circus arts as spiritual… until now.

Prayer of Resistance

Shane leads thousands of people in a call and response prayer against the principalities and powers of evil.  This prayer is found in the book Jesus for President.

Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Influential Christian leaders from Red Letter Christians read Dr. King’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” — word for word.  It speaks powerfully to the times we are living in.

Introduction to Common Prayer (at Willow Creek Community Church)

Shane and Aaron Niequist lead Willow Creek in worship based on the prayers and songs from Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.

The Death Penalty

This is Shane's 9-minute talk on the death penalty.