Speaking Inquiries for Shane Claiborne

Shane tries to keep a healthy rhythm for speaking and travel, held in sync with community life and activities. Because he so highly values his time in the neighborhood, Shane has a group of friends that helps him carefully discern speaking engagements to ensure he is a good steward of his time.

In order to prepare himself for each coming year, Shane takes a month-long sabbatical in September. He does not accept any speaking engagements during this month.

Shane generally plans speaking engagements 6-12 months in advance.

Speaking Details

Honorarium – Shane has no set fee for speaking, but asks the hosting group to suggest honorarium (payable as a donation to Red Letter Christians). Because he is passionate about money not being the determining factor for where he speaks, Shane often speaks for groups with little money to offer or who take a freewill offering for Red Letter Christians. On the other hand, Shane seeks to be a wise and careful steward of his time away.

Travel – Shane requests travel for two. We have found great wisdom in the Gospel mandate to travel in pairs – for accompaniment, accountability, and shared leadership. Our office will make all travel arrangements, but rest assured that we always seek the best possible fares. When within 3 driving hours, Shane usually opts to drive or take the bus.

Sessions – After a large group event, Shane often has Talkback Sessions, inviting questions and responses to the message. Shane is very relational and enjoys having group dialogues whenever possible – these can be incorporated into the large gathering (i.e. with an open mic) or can be scheduled as a separate post-session event.

If you are interested in inviting Shane to speak at your event, please note that you will be asked to provide the following information on the request form:

  • A description of the event and venue
  • All possible times you would like Shane to speak
  • The attendance and type of audience you expect
  • The proposed date(s) for the event (please note if your dates are flexible and give preferences)
  • A full description of your organization
  • Your complete contact information including address, phone, and email

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